With over 30 years experience in strategic wealth management, Winvest help clients structure and plan the development of their financial assets so that they can be confident they are directed towards achieving tangible short to long term goals.

Whether you are a Business Owner, a High Net-Worth Individual, a Medical Professional looking to retire, or facing a liquidity event, Winvest has extensive experience and expertise that will help create the clarity you need to leverage the most from your financial assets now and into the future.

Perhaps you are unsure of how to keep more of what you have so successfully created; perhaps you are looking to create more wealth; or is it the right time to sell or pass on your business; and planning what you will do following a liquidity event – we help create clarity through navigating these issues.

Uncertainties that create questions such as these are what Winvest’s expertise and approach to wealth management will help answer.

Clarity is key and we can design a strategic wealth management plan that will help crystallize that clarity and generate results.

  • Entrepreneur

    As a hard-working and successful business owner Winvest can help ensure you have a strategy to manage your wealth with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

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  • Dental & Medical Professional

    As a renowned practising professional you are at the top end of the healthcare industry. Winvest help ensure that your financial health is also given the same premium care.

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  • In Retirement

    With all the hard work done you will want to enjoy a fulfilling life in retirement with those you hold most dear. Winvest can ensure your financial assets are working for you to support that.

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  • Liquidity Event

    Want to maximize the benefit from a sudden windfall? The Winvest approach and strategy is designed to make certain that you will achieve that goal.

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Our systematic, structured and strategic approach to wealth management and legacy transformation ensures that we design a plan that will help clarify what you want to accomplish and provide you with the tools and tactics that will realize those goals, whilst generating significant results.