Mary W. Owner Dental Practice | Family-Owned Private Enterprise

Al Rempel has played an integral role in looking after my personal financial well being for many years. His integrity, knowledge and experience are invaluable to me. He has looked after us since my husband and I had our own business and was there to advise us when it was time to sell.  I am now retired and a widow; having Al on my side allows me to have peace of mind knowing my financial needs are looked after. Al has always been available to answer any questions no matter what the situation is and offers a clear, personal and proactive approach to helping me understand things better. I feel very secure in my retirement as a result of working with Al and I highly recommend his services.  
Mary W.

Marvin L. Electrical Contractor

I've been an electrical contractor for over 45 years and was looking for investment security for my retirement.   I chose Al Rempel at Winvest Financial because of his faith-based reputation and knowledge in investment opportunities.  Choosing the right investment for a secure retirement is a challenging process and that's why I have chosen Al at Winvest to help me pick the best ones. I recommend Al because he does his very best to find solid investment opportunities and always has my best interest at heart. I can sincerely say that I have been enricheded by doing business with Al Rempel at WinVest Financial for the past 20 years.   Thank you, Al.        
Marvin L.

Dean O. President Construction & Excavation | Family-Owned Private Enterprise

How did you meet us?

I was referred to Albert (Al) by a friend – also a private business owner – who had worked with Al and benefited from his strategic planning and expertise.

What was keeping you up at night?

I was in partnership with my Father and we were concerned with the amount of tax we were paying through the business. We also wondered what would happen when my Father passed away given the significant amount of tax that would be triggered on his death.

How did we help?

Al started by listening to what we needed and then took a very strategic approach to addressing what we asked for and what we needed. Al worked with me and my advisors – accountant, lawyer, etc – to create a strategy and a business structure that would reduce our taxes. We knew that on my Dad’s death there would be significant capital gains to pay. As a result of the strategic plan Al put in place, we were able to efficiently deal with this significant tax event. His planning and expertise was invaluable to the company at a difficult time. When my Dad passed away in 2014 we truly saw the benefit of the advice that Al has provided over the years. We continue to work with Al and recommend anyone in business go through the planning process with him as we did.
Dean O.

Harvey L. Retired Electrical Contractor

It can be difficult to invest earnings wisely outside of one's area of expertise. As we all know, not everything is as it first appears and not every investment grows. I chose Al to help me navigate my way through the maze of opportunities and the results have been better than I expected. He has exceeded my expectations to keep everything going in the right direction.  
Harvey L.